First Steps

If you're looking for a new church home, we invite you to check us out. After an initial visit or two, the next step in learning more about Crossroads getting connected is to come to the once a month "NEXT" event. Following this event, as part of our Connections Ministry, there's our "Starting Point" study group, "The Essentials", and "Designed to Serve" classes. See the details below. Hope to see you soon!

You are invited to learn about our history, values, mission, and vision, meet members of our staff and hear what NEXT steps you can take to get better connected at Crossroads. This 25 minute event is held once a month immediately after 2nd service in the Worship Center 'Gathering' area. See you there!

Starting Point
If you have questions about the Christian faith, are a new Christian or are returning to church after some time away, Starting Point is just for you. It’s an 8 week conversational environment where you can explore faith and experience community with others seeking the same. Childcare is available, and group materials cost $5.00. 

For those who would like to make Crossroads their home, we offer a class designed to acquaint you in more detail with the history, doctrine, missions and core beliefs of our church. Together we will look at Crossroads' Mission & Vision, Sacraments of Communion & Baptism, as well as our Statement of Faith. After this class, if you have further questions we can set up an opportunity for you to meet with one of our pastors. Once you choose to partner with Crossroads, we will publicly welcome you to our church family during one of our New Partner Sunday services!  

The Christian life is a journey, taken one step at a time. This study will give you some real-world tools to help you deepen your faith: how to get more out of your Bible; how to deepen your prayer life; what living a life of worship really looks like, and more!  


Designed to Serve (DTS) - is a workshop that enables you to determine your natural and Spiritual gifts. You will uncover how you are hard-wired - your personality style (what we call your natural giftedness) and your Spiritual giftedness - the areas in which God has bestowed His special gifts for service in the Kingdom. Childcare is provided.