First Steps

If you're looking for a new church home, we invite you to check us out. After an initial visit or two, the next step in learning more about Crossroads getting connected is to come to the once a month "NEXT" event. Following this event, as part of our Connections Ministry, there's our "Starting Point" study group, "The Essentials", and "Designed to Serve" classes. See the details below. Hope to see you soon!

You are invited to learn about our history, values, mission, and vision, meet members of our staff and hear what NEXT steps you can take to get better connected at Crossroads. This 25 minute event is held on the 2nd Sunday of each month, immediately following 2nd service, in the Worship Center 'Gathering' area. See you there!

For those who would like to make Crossroads their home, we offer a class designed to acquaint you in more detail with the history, doctrine, missions and core beliefs of our church. Together we will look at Crossroads' Mission & Vision, Sacraments of Communion & Baptism, Statement of Faith, and partnership requirements. In the end, the class provides the information needed for you and your family to make a decision on becoming a partner of this church 

Going Full Circle
Going Full designed with disciple makers in mind. This is where we equip current and future disciples in their personal life, as well as in their spheres of influence. Going Full Circle is not about theology for theology’s sake, but to trust God, to grow in obedience to God, and seek to encourage others to do it, as well, ~ mentoring based on what we know about pursuing God. In approximately, one hour’s time, via one of our annual classes or a personal meeting with a discipleship team member, you will be empowered with purpose, tools, and a framework to grow personally, as well as to grow as a disciple maker. For more details, contact John Swan at