“Mission, vision and values” are just fancy labels for the answers to some simple but important questions:   

What’s your purpose…the main thing you’re trying to do? (Mission) 

What are you trying to become…what do you aspire to “look like” as you go about fulfilling your purpose? (Vision) 

What’s important to you? (Values)

“Loving Well by Reaching Out, in Christ.” In the Greatest Commandment, “Luke 10:27 – Loving Well”, Jesus gave us the charge to love God and to love our neighbors as our ourselves. In the Great Commission, “Matthew 28:16-20 – Reaching Out”, He empowers His Church to go and make disciples of all nations. At Crossroads, we want to be known as His disciples who “Love Well” and “Reach Out” to our families, workplaces, neighborhoods and communities in His name.    


Here’s what we aspire to look like: “Expanding Christ’s Kingdom by Growing Disciple-Makers and Planting Churches.” Salvation – believing in Jesus – is just the starting point of the Christian life! Our vision is to help every member of Crossroads move from a believer to a disciple-maker. We want to be a church that helps equip people to trust in Jesus, grow in obedience to his Word and to mature in faith by helping others do the same – what we call coming “full circle”. In addition, we are committed to investing our resources of time, talent and treasure in helping start new churches take the gospel to our surrounding local communities, our state, nation and the world.    


To a scientist, DNA is the carrier of genetic information; it contains the code that defines the essential biological characteristics of a living organism. To an Organizational Behavior expert, DNA defines the essential and distinctive characteristics or qualities of someone or something.

Here at Crossroads we use the idea of DNA to convey our essential values: what’s important to us as we carry out our mission to achieve our vision. We summarize our  DNA as “Loving Well”: because Christ first loved us, through His saving grace and power, we are able to love God, love others and love ourselves well (John 3:16, Luke 10:27).

Just as DNA carries genes that define biological traits, our DNA has four elements that describe the kind of traits we want to exhibit as a church:

Love. Experiencing God’s unmerited favor; not only at salvation, but also throughout our faith journey (Romans 12:1).

Connect. Enjoying community with other Christians in small groups for support and accountability (Hebrews 10:24-25).

Grow. Growing in knowledge of the Bible, faith in God’s promises, submission to God’s will and sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit (Romans 12:2).

Serve. Reflecting the love of Jesus in our daily lives (1 Thessalonians 2:8).

As the DNA image above depicts…We invite you to join us at Crossroads to love, and be loved well—no matter where you find yourself this day (Matthew 28:18-20).